Delivery Door

Here’s an idea whose time has come around once again: the Delivery Door, by the Sollitt Kitchen Door Co. of Chicago (Popular Mechanics, Jan. 1917). Keeps coronavirus OUT!

The following description is from the Architecture Catalogue (11th ed.), published by Sweets Catalogue Service, New York:

The object of this invention is to secure delivery of small goods and supplies through a closed and locked door, without the supply dealer’s seeking or gaining access to the premises within.

Construction — Door is made of best varieties of wood, as desired. It contains a
cabinet of several compartments, each of which has its own door (with printed sign
thereon) on the outside. One door on inside of cabinet provides access to all its compartments, which vary in size to meet usual requirements. The cabinet projects about six inches beyond the front and rear sides of door.

Operation — The supply dealer places his goods in the proper compartment, outside door of which has been left ajar for his convenience; he then pushes
shut the particular door or doors used by him, which action automatically causes a latch to fasten the same securely on the inside.

Installation in Old Doors — Cabinets complete will be installed in any old (the present) door; will be painted outside and varnished inside; and will be
equipped with all necessary lettering, with requisite hardware in place, etc.

Sises of Cabinet — Standard sizes (inches) of four compartments are: All shelves, 11 1/2 by 24 inches; heights, 9, 9 1/4, 8 and 4 inches, respectively.

Special sizes made to order.


( 1 ) Answering ring of door bell for each package, as delivered, is eliminated. (2) Thus time is saved by both dealer and buyer. (3) Supplies are delivered where and when wanted. (4) A great convenience whether occupants are or are not at home. (5) Delivery of goods through the Sollitt Door bars out tramps, beggars, thieves and defectives prone to commit crime. (6) Contact of children with delivery men, who may have been in homes where contagious disease exists, is avoided. (7) Useless conversation with such persons is dispensed with. (8) All strangers are properly barred. (9) Safety of inmates is secured. (10) Kitchen floors escape the dirt and germs carried in by delivery men daily.


Door (with cabinet) complete, ready to hang, painted on outside, lettered, hardware on cabinet, and delivered for $12.00 net.

Cabinet complete installed in the present door, painted outside, varnished inside, lettered, all hardware on, for $10.00 net.

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